Saturday, July 14, 2012

Altar Servers Happy Day

Indeed, a very happy day for my altar servers who received a wonderful gift from parents of our German volunteers who visited Kiabakari recently and brought a lot of things for the school, health center and also for the parish. We are very grateful to them and their friends in Germany who magnanimously donated all these valuable gifts. Thank you, Denise and Thomas, our volunteers in Kiabakari, for spreading the word and involving your families and friends in caring for Kiabakari.

Below are two pictures of two sets of football jerseys displayed proudly by my altar servers. Thomas will coach them for one month and the we will try to challenge altar  servers from Butiama parish. The only missing thing in their outfits are football shoes. We hope to find extra funds to buy them before the first game in late August. If you want to donate something towards this goal, please, contact me. We want to buy used shoes or rubber ones with studs. Not the original footballers' shoes.

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