Thursday, July 19, 2012

Support 'Rolki Bez Granic'

One week remains till the charitable challenge 'Rolki Bez Granic' sets off at the point where three borders meet - namely, Germany, Czech Republic and Poland. Our volunteer - dr Kamil Bekalarek with the support of his future wife - Katarzyna Nawrot - intends to ride roller-skates along the western border of Poland from that three countries borders meeting point till Szczecin (Stettin) at the north-western tip of Poland. All this trying to raise awareness of the healthcare problems in Tanzania and in my mission in particular, as they get ready to come to Kiabakari next July for one year to serve my community in our health center. They will speak about the moral and financial support. They will need your support. So, please join us as we try to raise funds for the new equipment in Kiabakari health center, in particular - a new dental unit - which is badly needed in our Mara region community.

400 kilometers on roller-blades is not a feat for faint-hearted. I salute our volunteers and thank them with all my heart for their noble initiative. And you, my esteemed reader, I ask for support. You may contact me via my email - or by visiting the blog of the challenge - Rolki Bez Granic - by clicking here. Check also the poster of the challenge which I encourage you to download and repost it on your blog, Facebook profile or your website. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation. Let's all support our volunteers, pray for the success of the challenge and keep our fingers crossed for them!


  1. I am so happy that a lot of good things are happening in Kiabakari - the free breakfast for the kids, the new delivery suite and the gifts from Germany. And now hopefully the roller skate marathon will bring much needed funds to your mission. Of course you are the man in the driving seat keeping all these operations in motion. May you see the fruit of your labours every day even if only in a small way. Thinking and praying for you as usual. Tom sends you speical regards . Love from all the Dalys

  2. Happy to hear from both of you, Lena. Hope you are doing fine? It has been a challenging time since the beginning of this year, I am glad that block of events and challenges is past me. God is great, everything went well. I guess my body gave in and I got sick now, which is nothing out of normalcy. It happens all the day when stress passes by. Hope to get well soon and be back on track. Praying for all of you, Daly clan, always. God bless and protect you always! Love.