Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Halftime Over

As I feel better and better each new day, I reckon the halftime is almost over. After six months of hectic schedule and huge challenges with little or no rest, my body gave up and I got sick...

Luckily, the timing was perfect, if you will, as the flu came right after driving back the representative of Polish embassy in Nairobi back from Kiabakari to Mwanza airport. It's been six days since I got sick and although initially I doubted the power of antibiotics administered by the doctor as no progress was noticed at the beginning, finally I felt that drugs punched the wall of resistance of the sickness and started gaining ground. The last two days were a real breakthrough and today I feel almost well. Still coughing from time to time but my lungs feel lighter and freer than before. Still some dizziness remaining, understandably, as I am on antibiotics without probiotics in assistance. But I hope by Thursday, things will come back to normalcy. Perfect, as work awaits and new challenges arising on the horizon. I'm glad I can say again - I'm back!

I thank the Lord for this wonderful gift of halftime in work. I was able to meditate a lot, pray a lot, read a lot,  think a lot, gather myself anew and do some things I would not be able if I was active as before. Lord is Good! Always Good!

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