Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The One Who Knows

Saint James Apostle, the first among Apostles to shed his blood for his Master, whose liturgical feast we celebrate today, is one of the three true 'Illuminati', the chosen ones among the Apostles, who were allowed by the Master himself to know Him best and participate in the full account of His life, teachings, mysteries and actions...

As I was celebrating the morning Mass in the shrine in his honor, it struck me that we should make really good friends with Saint James, one of the three 'Illuminati'. He knows Jesus through and through. He was there always when something important was happening. He was granted access to the secrets of the Lord. He knows Jesus. He knows the Word of God. He was ready to die for His Master. He can help us to know Jesus better, to understand Him better, to comprehend the Holy Scripture better, to love Jesus more and to serve Him the best we can...

Today I looked at Saint James in a different light. My respect for him went sky-high. I take off my hat to him. And ask him humbly to accept me as his disciple in the school of love of Jesus - Jesus present in his followers, Jesus present and speaking to us through the Holy Scripture, Jesus present fully in the Most Holy Eucharist.

Saint James, the closest friend and confidante of the Lord, pray for us!

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