Friday, September 28, 2012

Weekend? You bet!

Whenever I come across people excited by TGIF (Thanks God It's Friday) frenzy, I question myself if I am abnormal. To me, Friday is the beginning of the busiest time of the week. This 'weekend' is no exception to this rule...

Starting with the morning Holy Mass in Butiama, as a stand-in for the parish priest of Butiama who is on an office trip, at 7am, continuing with office, emails, letters and other parochial stuff. At 10am we started a recollection day for Catholic women in our parish as a spiritual preparation for Sunday's 40th Anniversary of WAWATA (Wanawake Wakatoliki Watanzania - Catholic Women of Tanzania). It was very important spiritual exercise and I wanted to give my all for the sake of their spiritual needs - including spiritual talk, a homily, Holy Rosary, confessions and the Holy Mass. I was happy to see ladies come in good number, although it was a working day today and it was not easy for many to cut out that many hours of their time to spend in the mountain with Jesus.

After the Holy Mass, I continued with office matters. Ahead of me today still there is preparatory meeting for tomorrow parochial council session, finalizing agendas for tomorrow.

Karolina and Agata were very busy today and I feel they will be exhausted when they finish the first aid course for the teachers of yet another primary school, after a hectic time in the health center this morning.

Franziska and Tobias recovered well from their stomach bug and continue going through the wealth of papers and teaching aids left for them by Denise and Thomas.

Tomorrow morning as usual - with morning prayers, confessions and the Holy Mass in the shrine for catechumens, First Communion students, altar servers and parishioners. Then at 9.30am we will have the first parochial meeting of the council for the preparations of the Year of Faith and all major events I explained in the "Road Map' post just a day or two ago. Please, refer to it for more details.

After the meeting, our health center staff will come to offer their condolences to me for the loss of my Dad. We will have a lunch together, fourteen staffers expected to join our eight strong team here in the mission HQ.

Right after that, our first aid team will continue with Saturday course for anyone interested.

In the meantime I will help Aurelia to prepare dinner in honor of our new volunteers Franziska and Tobias. Sisters from Buturu and our sisters will attend as well. I am looking forward to this get together. It is so nice to celebrate new friendship and make newcomers to feel at home.

Sunday will be under two celebrations marks. First, WAWATA jubilee with Holy Masses and the solemn lunch at meeting hall in our school. Then in the evening 5th anniversary of priesthood of the parish priest of Rwamlimi parish in Musoma town, Fr. Samson Awach. We will go in five strong delegation to represent everybody here in Kiabakari.

Then next week will be time for me to detach myself from the life in Kiabakari and go to wilderness to listen to the Holy Spirit as my personal retreat is up. I need it and I am grateful to God for giving me this time to go deep and learn what the Spirit says to me in this particular period of my life. I count very much on your kind prayers.

So, have a nice weekend everybody! Everyone else here in Kiabakari - go down to work!

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  1. what a week end schedule ;it's the equivalent of a week's work for us !