Sunday, September 2, 2012

Photo Exhibition

Miss Agata Krupa, the volunteer of Foundation Kiabakari, has prepared - with the cooperation with dr Jadwiga Żyłka, also the volunteer of the Foundation, and her sister Magdalena Żyłka, the owner of Żywa Pracownia in Kraków - a photo exhibition entitled: 'Kiabakari - Afryka Obiektywem Malowana' (Kiabakari - Africa painted with the lens). I would like to encourage all readers of my blog, living in Poland, in particular in Kraków and its vicinity, to visit the exhibition. I would like also to commend especially the painstaking work of Miss Agata who prepared pictures, framed them and set up the exhibition. Thank you so much! My gratitude goes to both sisters - Jadwiga and Magdalena - for their kind thought to stage this exhibition in their workshop in Kraków and for their invaluable help in making it possible. It is my hope that this exhibition will find positive interest in many visitors and will help to open up Kiabakari, its joy and problems to the concerned sensitive hearts of people. God bless the organizers, visitors and all benefactors of Foundation Kiabakari (

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