Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Here We Go Again

Rainy season still some weeks ahead and we have just run out of water from our main tanks. So today the order of the day is to clean those tanks in expectation of the new intake - be it rain or the water from the village water pipeline system. Luckily, I have bought recently and installed five plastic tanks of various capacity - 3-4 thousand liters each - for harvesting rain water from the roofs of the mission buildings. Three of them are still full. So, while cleaning those main tanks with antiseptic chemicals, we will put 60 liters buckets in all bathrooms in the main house and St. Martha, with regular buckets for fetching water and plastic jugs to pour water over us while taking improvised showers. Then we will fill them with the rain water from outside plastic tanks.

Back to scout-camping-like ways of washing and cleaning for now. I hope it will not take long till the rains come and we can enjoy again proper showers.

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