Sunday, September 9, 2012


It has been a bit uphill for me for the last few months this year, with all sorts of 'dark side of the moon' experiences. After recovering somehow, though not completely from flu / pneumonia, I had a bit of a rough time for the last week with efforts to stabilize my blood pressure. Today I felt unwell and after the first Mass I asked the doctor from our health center with a lab technician to have a look at me. They found out after lab check that I have amoeba. I wonder where exactly I got it. Not sure. So, I am on medication now, which roughs my feathers a bit, but luckily I have a visiting priest who came for a short retreat to Kiabakari, so he helped me with Masses today. Thanks be to God! I hope that drugs will kill off amoeba quickly and I will be completely fit for work in a short time. Prayers appreciated, homies of Kiabakari Snippets! Thanks in advance!

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