Saturday, September 15, 2012

IB Office In Pre-School

Thanks to the great dedication and creativity of Denise and Thomas, they created a fully equipped office for Internationaler Bund volunteers in the premises of our pre-school with all kinds of teaching aids, laptop I gave them (a gift of one young boy from Ulmerfeld in Austria), scanner and printer. I allowed them to use for this end one of the offices in the former pastoral center - now pre-school. They took this offer seriously and put a lot of effort in making sure that future volunteers of IB will have a secure and orderly place to keep their tools, stationary, school equipment being a property of IB in Kiabakari. It is my firm hope that the coming volunteers will appreciate this huge effort of Denise and Thomas and will contribute more to keep this office useful and fully furnished with everything that is needed for the volunteers-teachers work in our school.

Yesterday we had an official handover of the keys to the office, so when Franziska and Tobias come next Friday, they may get the keys and the explanation on the contents of the office from me. Here are a few pictures I took with my phone during the handover in the office.

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