Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Laguna De Guatavita

Yesterday, instead of going up the mountain to the Shrine of Monserrate, we decided to go first out of town. It took some time to buy and activate the local simcard with data plan, but thanks to my two angels Adriana and Stella who were my guides in the trip, things went rather smoothly. I can't imagine how I would get in terms with the salesmen who knows only Spanish and my Spanish is close to zero.

The weather yesterday was not apparently at its best, nevertheless we had a nice drive up the Andes towards Guatavita town on the lake Tomine, some 70 km from Bogota. It was drizzling so we were unable to see much there. I asked my guides to go up the mountains to Laguna de Guatavita, a sacred place for Muisca ancient people. That place was and still is the powerhouse of spirituality. I wanted to go there to pray for the success of the upcoming Congress on Mercy and for all intentions - mine and of my friends. This trip included quite significant physical effort on my part. It was the day after arrival to Colombia, so jet lag was still there and the altitude of the Laguna - above 3,000 meters a.s.l. meant an extra difficulty. These two factors and the fact that due to my weight and health issues I am not a good climber, all added up to the flavor.

I was happy to reach the ridge surrounding the Laguna after a steep climb on uneven path an stone steps wet with the rain which passed shortly before we arrived at the gate of the park. Although it was dark with heavy clouds looming ominously over the area, still the views were breathtaking. Surely, the bunch of pictures I took on a tiny point and shoot camera I had on me cannot give the justice to the reality.

I spent some time there leaning over the wooden fence, taking in the uniqueness of the place and visualizing what was happening here centuries ago (see the animation below in Spanish language, but it is easy to figure out what is going on there. Maybe a one thing with that lap dance for the candidate to become chief - apparently he was not supposed to feel aroused by this so he could be holy and ready to go down to the waters of the Laguna to become a chief).

Here are some pictures I took first in Guatavita town, then on our way up to the Laguna and then at the Laguna itself.

On our way back to Bogota, we drove the other way so I could see the sunset and spend some time in awe at the magnificence and the size of the city unfolding below with myriads of lights, vehicles, shadows and gorgeous sunset over all of this.
In the meantime - bustling downtown of Bogota

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