Tuesday, August 19, 2014

WACOM Bogota 2014 - The Fourth Day

So much has happened yesterday on the fourth day of our congress that I will more time to prepare images and videos and to upload them here. First, we traveled outside of Bogota to the extinct salt mine in Zipaquira turned into a museum and a place of worship, where deep inside the mountain we had our fourth day talks, testimonies and the Holy Mass. We listened to the official letter of the Archbishop of Kraków, His Eminence Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz, to the participants of the Congress, read to us by his delegate, Mons. Jan Machniak, the rector of the International Academy of Divine Mercy in Kraków.

Then, in the afternoon we were transferred to the Centro Convenciones Compensar where were had a nice surprise - a taste of a great Colombian wine and a water, light, music and color show. We sat in the stands and marveled at the latest technology. We listened to the message of the Holy Father Francis who spoke us from a projection shown on a curtain of water mist. Incredible. We were given paper hats, masks, candles, whistles, you name it. A truly joyful end to the long and eventful day. Such a nice touch by the organizers!

Just a few images below as I could not manage to upload videos from the light show.

Have a great day and may Divine Mercy be you light, strength, consolation, inspiration and motivation!


Mons. Jan Machnak delivering Cardinal Dziwisz's message to WACOM 2014


Celebrating WACOM Bogota 2014 in joyful mood
The message of the Holy Father Francis projected on the water mist screen

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