Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Mission Town

Today is the mission town day. After yesterday trip to Laguna de Guatavita, the entire day today I am going to spend in the city. First, going up the mountain to the Shrine of Monserrate, the true spiritual powerhouse of Christian Colombia. I will pray for all of us and our intentions there.

Then, La Candelaria (the Bogota old town)

and so forth. Time permitting, perhaps some museums on the way.

I am not going to return to the apartment any time soon, as we found out there is no water in the entire building - thing that astonished my hosts as they said it never happened before. Probably I brought some bad luck? To me it does not make for a tragic circumstance as one can wash in a bottle of mineral water or do the toothbrushing with coca-cola or something like that. But to my hosts this made them considerably upset.

Okey dokey, my tiny camera ready, battery charged, memory card emptied. My bag pack ready with the essentials. Sneakers on and off I go. See you soon here later tonight. God bless us all!

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