Thursday, August 14, 2014

Registration For WACOM Bogota 2014

There was a couple of hours delay when the actual registration process has finally begun. It took me an hour to get through the all stages but at the end it all went fine and I have become a happy owner of my congress participant special kit. See below what I found in that lovely bag (no, that scarf is not a stole to celebrate sacraments. This is in fact a poncho!).

The congress first session begins tomorrow morning but tonight there is going to be a concert in the city. 

Time to find a coffee shop nearby and work on my address I was asked to give on this coming Sunday. I know what I would love to share with the people but time allocated for speakers is only 8 minutes. Some editorial work to make my speech precise and straight to the point.

Have a blessed day! Staying together in prayer!

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