Friday, August 8, 2014

Last Visit

Today was marked by two last visits to various health specialists. The last one was with the leading doctor who collected all documentation from the entire period of my medical checkups and procedures. She is the one responsible for laying out the way forward. She is the one responsible for issuing prescriptions I need for the next few months ahead. And she did just that.

I am happy and relieved that this three month period of countless visits to doctors, hospitals, specialists is finally over. It is not over for addressing my health shortcomings, but anyway, for now we are done and the outcome is not bad if not positive in general. I am positively happy and full of hope.

Now is the time to buy medicine prescribed and start packing before I begin my journey first to Colombia for the Congress of Divine Mercy and then back to Tanzania.

Thank you all who prayed for me all this time! Thank you so much! God bless us all!

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