Monday, March 11, 2013

Back To Where I Belong

I am glad my stay in Dar es Salaam is coming to its end. I do not belong here.

My place and my purpose of life is in Kiabakari. It was great to see friends, to put together our minds, talents, wits and efforts towards the noble goal of the fundraiser. It was rewarding to see people showing up and appreciating what we did. It was satisfying to see magnanimity of invited guests contributing generously to our cause. It was pleasant to sit down and wrap down in postmortem meeting the fundraising job in our preparatory committee company. It was nice to revisit people with compliments cards and reminding those who pledged about their commitments.

It was nice to read in the newspapers reports on the fundraiser, see the news on TBC1 and ITV channels and listen to news of the event in radio stations. Inspite of the fact that most of the news were incorrect and politicized, missing the reason of organizing the fundraising dinner and the main goals of the donations. Anyway, we differ in comprehension skills.

But now, time has come to pack and go. I do not get carried away by what has happened on Saturday evening. In fact, I feel as if nothing happened. Just a feeling of accomplishment and questioning myself if I could do more or better. But the answer comes - no, in my conscience I did everything I could in my powers. The rest I leave to God.

On Thursday afternoon we begin our popular mission in the parish in Kiabakari. I look forward to this important event of the Year of Faith. In kiswahili language, this kind of parochial spiritual experience is called - Mafungo ya Kuamsha Imani (Awakening Faith Retreat). Yes, we need to go back to our roots and awaken our faith in this time of grace. When I get back to Kiabakari tomorrow evening, I will have only 36 hours before the event begins. But we are ready. We have been ready for months. Our preparations ended long time ago. It is now only up to our parishioners and people of good faith to show up and participate fully.

It will be a great time for me to rest spiritually and mentally after some five months of hectic preparations for our fundraiser in Dar. It could not come in more opportune time, right after the immense mental effort. I feel so happy going back to Kiabakari. I will have a lot of time to silence myself, to pray, to meditate, to reflect, to thank God and people. Rest assured I will pray for all of you with grateful heart for helping us during the fundraising time with your well wishes and prayers.

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  1. And I am sure that Kia is even more happy to have you back :)