Thursday, March 28, 2013

Holy Thursday

My silver and golden jubilees logo. Created by Mr. Florian Kaija Ludovick

Holy Thursday of this year carries in itself a special meaning to me.

In four weeks time I will turn fifty. Half a century of life behind me. God only knows how long I will live more. I am not worried at all and I do not give this thought much attention. What is important is to live my life to the fullest and continue to be a tool, though poor and insufficient, but still a tools in God's hands.

Apart from the golden jubilee of my birthday, in two months time I will celebrate golden jubilee of my Baptism and then together with my classmates - our silver jubilee of priestly ordination in Wawel cathedral in Kraków. Twenty five years have already passed and I do not know how? Out of these twenty five, twenty three served in Tanzania - in Kiabakari and in Musoma cathedral a bit as well.

This evening I will The Holy Mass of the Last Supper of our Lord with my heart and soul filled to the brim with infinite gratitude to Almighty and Merciful God for the gift of life, Baptism, faith, priesthood and missionary all; gratitude of my Parents who not only gave me earthly life but also brought me to the Baptismal font and raised in Catholic faith and morals and taught life with their wisdom and love; gratitude to so many wonderful people I met in the course of my life - relatives, friends, colleagues, who shaped me and my life in many ways.

I will offer this evening Holy Mass for all of us, immersing us anew in the Ocean of Divine Mercy. Thank you for all you have been to me throughout these past fifty years of Christian life and twenty five years of priesthood! May Good and Infinitely Merciful God be your reward here and in heaven!

Dziękuje! Asanteni! Thank you!

Second version of the jubilees logo. Can you find number 25 in the picture?

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