Friday, March 8, 2013

Fundraising Dinner

After several months of preparations, the time to see the results of our concerted efforts has come. Tomorrow, on Saturday evening, we will host a fundraising dinner on the occasion of my double jubilee (50th birthday and 25 years of priesthood) for the development of Kiabakari. As I wished these jubilees to emphasize my lifelong committment to the holistic development of human person and its habitat, so instead of focusing on my personal pleasures and jubilee gifts, I asked everybody to focus on people I love and serve in Kiabakari. Tomorrow we will see how invited guests responded to this charitable idea. Your prayers are needed! Thanks in advance!

I can reveal now the banner of the event which will be displayed at the venue.

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  1. Happy anniversaries!

    I didn't know you were posting here. :o

    I just came by on a whim (the Lord's inspiration :) )