Thursday, March 21, 2013

United We Stand

As it has been a venerable tradition established years ago, today - one week before the Holy Thursday - the presbiterium (all priests working in the diocese) of Musoma Diocese will gather for their recollection day united with their bishop, followed by the evening Chrism Mass in the cathedral, in which not only holy oils will be blessed, but also they will renew their priestly vows and obedience to the bishop and the Church.

We do this one week in advance because the distances some of our colleagues have to cover to get to Musoma from their missions are considerable, thus rendering the idea of celebration of Chrism Mass on Holy Thursday practically impossible.

Every time I take part in this special day, I get a strong impression that the faithful feel very proud seeing us surrounding our bishop, pledging our committment to Christ and our priestly vocation, our allegiance to the bishop and to the Church.

It is so important and reassuring for the diocesan community to see us on this unique day standing in the heart of the diocese - Musoma cathedral - united, strong, committed to our vocation and apostolate.

It is also a very strong statement that in the face of the challenges of the modern world and Tanzania in particular, we do not run away, but to the contrary - we sort out our lives in prayer, penance and renewed resolve, close our ranks, stand firm and boldly with our Pastor and are ready to tend to the Lord's flock and defend it courageously.

So help us God!

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