Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Day After - Fundraising Photos

Thank God the fundraising dinner is over, no major disasters reported, very good outcome of the fundraising effort of the Guest of Honor - Hon. Edward Lowassa, MP, which gives me hope that we will be able to push forward our development goals for this year including Major Deeds of Faith in our Year of Faith program. Huge relief to everybody. All debts cleared at the hotel and supplying parties (decoration, video shooting, still pictures, LCD screens and audio system hiring, printing etc.). The photographer brought memory card with pictures shot yesterday so I am able to share with you a few pictures from last night's event. Thank you all, who prayed and kept fingers crossed for the success of the event. Thank you all, who took part and responded positively to our cause - in particular Mama Maria Nyerere, Hon. Edward Lowassa, MP, Hon. Nimrod Mkono, MP, Madame Consul of the Republic of Poland and other distinguished guests. Thank you all who joined their effort preparing the event and making sure it was a success - especially Mr Ansbert Ngurumo and his team at Vox Media and Tanzania Daima newspaper. God bless you all!

The small 'candles of hope'
Brochure on development goals in Kiabakari
Center stage of the event with center piece - the Candle of Hope
The Marquee in Serena Hotel ready for the fundraising dinner

Mama Maria Nyerere with the Guest of Honor, Hon. Edward Lowassa, MP (on the left)
and the Board President - Dr Patrick Kennedy Mugoya (to the right) 
Yours truly with Mama Maria and Hon. Edward Lowassa, MP
Mama Maria Nyerere motivating the guests to support our cause
Board President - Dr Patrick K. Mugoya inviting Hon. Edward Lowassa, MP,
to address the assembly
Hon. Nimrod Mkono, Member of Parliament from Butiama constituency
speaking during the fundraising, with Mr. Lowassa listening
The Guest of Honor presiding over the fundraising process
Our Board Advisor - Brigadier General Zoma Kongo,  pledging his donation
The Daughter of the Father of the Nation - Rosemary Nyerere -
lighting her candle of hope after pledging her support
Board President pledging his generous donation for the cause
Madame Katarzyna Jaworska, Consul of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland
in Nairobi, speaking on behalf of Polish government,
which generously supported development projects in Kiabakari this year
Auctioning Florian Ludovick's art donated by our artist for the cause
Madame Consul lighting her candle of hope after pledging her donation

Presenting the first auctioned painting to the winner - Hon. Nimrod Mkono, MP
Presenting the second painting to the winner - Prof. Jairo
Presenting the third painting to the winner - Mr. Machumu
Hon. Mkono, MP presented the painting he won,
to the lady from the Finance Ministry, who pledged a generous support to our cause
The Guest of Honor offering his gratitude to all fundraising participants
Hon. Nimrod Mkono, MP with his auctioned painting
Time for dinner
Sharing a light moment with the Guest of Honor
A souvenir picture of the Board with Mama Maria Nyerere
and the highest donator of our fundraising
The venue for our fundraising dinner
Mama Maria Nyerere lighting her candle of hope after donating towards our cause
Charity handshakes with Mama Maria
Madame Consul and our ladies with Mama Maria Nyerere