Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Faith Awakening Retreat

Tomorrow afternoon we will begin our special days of prayer, meditation, reflection, spiritual conferences and songs which will last till Sunday. 'Awakening Faith Retreat' or in kiswahili - Mafungo ya Kuamsha Imani, a special kind of parochial retreat.

We planned this spiritual experience in Lent time not only because of the sacredness of this season, but also as a spiritual preparation for the whole parochial community before we commit ourselves to the Great Deeds of the Year of Faith - in particular Holy Week and Holy Triduum, Novena of Divine Mercy and the Solemnity of Divine Mercy, then the pilgrimage to the roots of our faith to Uganda Martyrs and finally - priestly ordination of our deacon Agostino Mapambano and his thanksgiving Mass at parental home in Kiabakari.

Apart from these upcoming spiritual events, the implementation of development projects funded by Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and our own projects funded by fundraiser in Dar and Musoma later in April, will keep us extremely busy. We need to calm down first, we need to go to the Almighty God asking for strength, unity, serenity of mind and heart, focus on purpose and goals we set for ourselves this year. We cannot achieve anything without God's permission, blessing and power.

You are invited to join us starting tomorrow for this unusual spiritual meeting with Living God. Welcome all! Let us wake up in our faith and let our faith shine through great deeds of mercy!

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  1. Prayers offered for all. :)

    Which papabile has a seagull as a symbol?