Monday, March 18, 2013

Divine Mercy Sunday Preparations

Less than three weeks left till the annual pilgrimage to the Diocesan Shrine of Divine Mercy in Kiabakari. From Friday, April 5th, till Sunday, April 7th, the pilgrims from near and far together with the faithful from Kiabakari will celebrate their living faith and hope in Divine Mercy, praying, meditating, reflecting, experiencing God's Infinite Mercy and Love and learning how to live it and share with their neighbors.

I have begun preparations for this important event in the life of the Shrine long time ago. Today I ironed out the program for the three day long celebrations. Working on spiritual talks, services, liturgy and so forth. Logistics and catering comes in as well, as we continue with meetings to make sure everything is ready for the influx of hundreds of pilgrims, some of them coming from Kenya, Uganda, some from distant destinations in Tanzania.

I have created also an event on Facebook for those of you who are no strangers to this social network. Find the details of the event, relevant pictures and videos here.

But I will be more happy if you could come in person to Kiabakari to join us in the celebration of God's Goodness, Love and Mercy embracing us and transforming in a very special and powerful manner during those three holy days on top of Divine Mercy Hill in Kiabakari. Welcome!

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