Thursday, May 23, 2013

Upper Room

I am sitting in the upper room of the rectory of Ulmerfeld parish in diocese of St. Polten in Austria, in my best friend parish, focusing on the notes for the upcoming parochial week-long retreat in St. Kazimierz parish in Kraków, my home parish, as a preparation for the visitation of the picture of Jesus, the King of Mercy (4-5 June). The retreat will begin this Sunday and I am deeply grateful to Fr. Wiesiek for the opportunity of three calm days in his parish to work on final shapes of the spiritual talks. Please, pray for the parochial community at St. Kazimierz and myself - may the Holy Spirit guide and enlighten us. May the Holy Spirit enable me to speak only what God wants and may these words penetrate the deepest cores of the faithful hearts and consciences. As always, I will pray in a special way for all of you, my esteemed readers. God bless and protect and guide us all!

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