Saturday, September 17, 2011

30 Years

It's been thirty years since the Lord called me to priesthood in an unexpected turn of events. Never crossed my mind that I would be a priest someday, needless to say - a missionary priest! But the Lord's ways are mysterious and He only knows why me, why then, why...

It happened in August 1981, during the Holy Mass celebrated by my maternal uncle, Rev. Father Sławomir Jakubiec, when he was about to leave for Zambia as a Fidei Donum missionary priest (Fidei Donum means a diocesan priest working in the mission country). Just like me nine years later...

My call was of the same force and nature as Saint Paul's near Damascus... Unexpected, out of the blue... The venue was the little shrine of Our Lady of Graces in Janów Lubelski in Archdiocese of Lublin (now - diocese of Sandomierz).

Everything changed that day... And now, thirty years after that brief moment of powerful God's entry into my secular life, I am about to go back to the same place to stand in the very same spot in the shrine and say a thanksgiving prayer along with a request for pardon for my sins and asking for blessing for the remaining years of my life whatever the future may bring.

I will pray also for your intentions, for yourselves, for your loved ones... Divine Mercy is infinite, we need only to approach God with full confidence and trust.... Jesus, I trust in You!

Please, say a prayer for us, as we get ready to drive four hours trip to Janów from Kraków, and in the evening from Janów to Puławy, ready for tomorrow's mission Sunday in the Holy Family parish...

May the Lord grant us a serene, peaceful and blessed weekend!


  1. Dearest Wojciech
    What a busy and exhausting schedule you are having and you supposed to be 'on holidays'. It sure is a working holidsy. I don't know how you could preach at all those Masses on Mission Sunday but yet again I do know. The passion you have for mission in Kiabakari is intense and keeps you fired but don't overdo it. Your visit to Vienna was another working break but the 'heart for Kiabakari' sustained you. No time now for walking along the Silent Valley or strolling around Carlingford but at least we managed to slow the pace a bit for you. Glad you had the opportunity to speak at the Medical School and hope that it will be fruitful in years ahead. The time is passing quick now so do rest a little before returning to Tanzania. 30 years of priesthood and the most of them in Africa takes its toll but we keep praying here that you will have reasonably good health and energy for all your creative projects. Your vision is a great one and may you have and receive all you need to accomplish it or, at least, to keep dreaming the dream. Love from all the Daly clan in Erin's Isle.

  2. Actually, it is 30 years since I was called to follow Christ in the path of vocation to priesthood. The Silver Jubilee though is round the corner, just two years ahead as I was ordained in 1988.

    Last two weeks were crazy, I just came back home from the trip to Puławy, it was a great experience and I met lovely people... what a consolation...

    Just one week left till I fly back to Tanzania. I can't wait. :)

    God bless us all. Keeping you, my family in Ireland, in daily prayers and deep in my heart.... lots of love...!