Thursday, September 8, 2011

Personal Word of Appreciation

Travelled all night on the train from Krakow to Vienna, switched onto a local train to Amstetten, met by my best friend and classmate, Rev. Fr. Wiesław, spending the whole day in his company, and now getting ready for he Holy Mass in the parochial church which will give me great opportunity to express my personal word of appreciation to the pastor and the parochial community for their continuous support for my mission and myself. Not even my home parish back in Krakow is up to their level of committment. And I need to stand among them and raise my grateful voice. They are a small group of people but wih a huge heart for Africa and my mission. May God reward them abundanly! My prayers and love is with them always, in particular wih Fr. Wiesław, who has been instrumental in bringing his community on board... Good to be here again. May Lord grant us all a peaceful and lovely time together...

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