Thursday, September 22, 2011

Simply Stunning

Came back from Łagiewniki. It was my first time to visit the Blessed John Paul II Center 'Nie Lękajcie się!" under construction. Even though the most of the project is not built yet, the ground floor octagonal chapel of the Relics of Blood of Blessed John Paul II which is already done, along with the chapel of the marble grave stone of the tomb of the Holy Father brought from Vatican Basilica, is nothing but simply stunning! I was struck with awe there...

The architecture and the whole concept of the place is mesmerizing. Pure beauty! The link to the shrine is here. I prayed to Merciful God through the intercession of the Holy Father for all of you and your intentions as promised, and for my intentions as well... Came back home relieved, happy and absolutely convinced that Blessed John Paul II will take care well of us and our intentions... Certainly, the shrine is a place to visit as soon as possible and I am going to be a frequent visitor there whenever I come home to Kraków.

The chapel of the Relics of Blood of Blessed John Paul II
The Relics of Blood of Blessed John Paul II


  1. Magnificent!
    -So glad the relics of Blessed John Paul are recieving such a luminous resting place.He deserves to be highly revered.And heartfelt thanks dear Wojciech for remembering us all the this most holy shrine of Divine Mercy in Lagiewniki. You have such a rich spiritual heritage in Poland that it is no wonder you are so committed to your mission . May you be blessed every day a thousand times and may you enjoy your few remaining days in Krakow.
    I hope you remember all the well rounded women in your life even if such a species is relatively rare among the men folk!!! Lots of love and good wishes Lena

  2. Hahaha! Yes, I guess, you are right... In my life I have met many round shaped women and just a bunch of good guys. In fact, the Divine Mercy message in Kiabakari and Tanzania at large is being carried on and spread out by women mostly who come to Kiabakari in good numbers with just a few men coming along...

    Surely, I prayed A LOT for you, dear Lena, Tom, your clan, Eugene and Irish friends over there... I owe you so much and I will always remember this and pray for you. Maybe one day will come I will be able to repay your kindness to me and to Kiabakari. God bless!!!