Monday, September 26, 2011


Finished. The best word to describe how I feel after this long mission Sunday. Gave my all. My volunteers gave their all. Home parish community present in the church gave their all. It was a great day. And I hope it bears multiple fruit on various levels...

The Mission Tent was a success, we learnt a lot, we know how to improve and what to do next time. Big high five to all volunteers involved in the tent....!!!

A few shots of the tent below.

But the hit of the day will remain a small sculpture of a hippo. Many people wanted to buy it. I could not sell it as it was a gift of one sister from Zambia to my Dad. But now we know that hippo is the best. So next time we are going to have a lot of small hippos for all who want to have one.

Thank you all for making this day such a great experience and success! God bless you all!

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