Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Beautiful Day

The last 24 hours? A very very beautiful day. Agreement with German embassy for funding of construction of two new classrooms for standard three and four students signed and sent to Dar. A new project for education funding of our pre-school drafted and sent to cooperating organization in Italy. A nice and rewarding recollection day at Dimesse sisters convent in Bunda. Penitential service at Bunda Carmel, conversation and assurance of prayer for my trip. A few short meetings here in Kia, solving matters that popped up suddenly at health center. My workers finished the fence at pre-school. My supplier brought cement and other construction materials for those two classrooms and the Nyakiswa church rain water tank. Just returned from Small Christian Community prayer meeting with nice and thoughtful Bible sharing. All in all, I'm totally exhausted but very happy and satisfied. Deo gratias!


  1. What a gift for the sisters to have you for spiritual guidance-they are truly blessed. I am delighted with the good news re funding sources - you need it all and a lot more to accomplish all your plans but every positive response gives you energy to look for more. I hope you don't end up near dead trying to tidy up everything before you can go home to Krakow. Keep a little space to refresh yourself. Lots of love and prayers

  2. I reckon I am more blessed than hem. It gives me a lot to get out of my daily activities and pray, meditate and go silent.

    Yes, every penny counts, and bring us to the goal on the horizon. Never surrender - is my attitude though from time to time I find myself on the edge of losing heart...

    Just a few days moretill the departure. So many things to do and organize before I leave. Praying that I don't collapse. Tough times.

    Hugs! God bless you much, Lena dear and the Clan!