Sunday, March 18, 2012

Formula 1

The long wait is over and a wonderful sound of firing up of F1 engines announced the beginning of what is presumed by many to be a very exciting season. The first race of the season in Melbourne, Australia, ended a few hours ago and we can see now clearly where the balance of power lies at this moment. Gutted to see my team, Scuderia Ferrari, produced a dog of a car after eight long months of developing it and they need to react very quickly if we dream about championship this year. Sad to see the best driver on the grid, Fernando Alonso, driving his socks off to bring the car home with just a bunch of decent points and unable to fight for the win. Even more sad is to see Felipe not up to his task. My feeling is he will be shown the door in a not so distant future if he does not improve as soon as possible. I was unable to watch the race live, celebrating three Masses as usual on Sunday, so I will wait till evening to watch the replay on Superport South Africa. Well, what can I say, as a lifelong tifoso? Forza Ferrari!

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