Monday, March 5, 2012

Lost Battle

The results of the Polish Foreign Ministry competition for Polish Aid 2012 have been announced today. Sadly, our important development project of constructing a volunteers' center in Kiabakari was not among those chosen for funding. I feel sorry for members of my foundation who worked day and night on it for almost two months. We lost battle, but we won't lose a war.


  1. This is a big blow Wojciech as those applications take hours and hours of work and a new centre would mean a lot to your mission. It is hard to get funding for this type of project - education and health get priority. Correct you will not lose the war as you have had many an uphill battle before and yet kept going. 'Hope springs eternal in the human breast'. I am sure you are very upset, like the rest of us, about the dreadful train crash in Poland -what a tragedy. So many died or were injured as a result - may God bring comfort and consolation to their grieving families.I love the postcards you have been posted here - so beautiful and full of colour.
    Love and prayers always. Lena

  2. Thank you, Lena, for your consoling words. We are very disappointed, particularly when seeing other strange projects passed for funding, while we know ow crucial for the development of this part of the world would be the new versatile modern center for volunteers. Anyway...