Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quiet Morning And The Long List

Saturday again. I like to wake up very early on Saturdays, much earlier than on any other day. Around 4-5 am I'm usually up to make for slow and balanced start for another hectic day. It is no different today...

Woke up at 3.30 am, allowed myself to lie down bit more, thinking in prayerful mode what lies ahead for me today. Then fixed myself in the bathroom, dressed up, took B.P. measurement, saw my B.P. allows me for a fresh cup of coffee, took the handful of daily pills for my various ailments and got busy with preparations for the morning Mass and the benediction, executive council meeting with crucial agendas (popular mission in the parish in June, seminars for lay leaders, a seminar for prayer leaders in SCC, a seminar for liturgical leaders, the canonical visitation of the bishop in July connected with the celebration of 20th anniversary of Kiabakari parish and 15th anniversary of the dedication of Divine Mercy shrine in Kiabakari).

Then I expect guests from Mwanza coming for birthday lunch of Denise, our German volunteer and teacher at our pre-school, then I will have a meeting with my altar servers. Right after that I will hop to military camp primary school (in the vicinity of the camp) in Kiabakari for the SCC of Christians in the camp, and the last point of the day will be a birthday dinner for Denise attended by sisters from Kiabakari and Buturu and us, at the mission HQ, of course.

In the meantime, I will have to find a quiet time to prepare pastoral announcements for tomorrow's Mass, and finalize my homily. The construction of the fence of the pre-school begins today, so it will be prudent to keep an eye on that development too.

Thank God for this early start, for the morning confessions, Holy Mass and the adoration which will lay a solid foundation for what will follow next. Staying focused, staying put, staying committed with the spiritual powers that will make sure I do not get too much distracted from Lent and my spiritual exercises.

Praying for all of you! May God grant us all divine light and power of the Holy Spirit to go deeper and deeper into the spiritual desert and conquer ourselves and the temptations of the Evil One.

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