Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sacred Time And Space

Today's Liturgy of Third Sunday of Lent brings forth yet another message from God to us who follow His Son in the wilderness of spiritual desert of Lent and lenten spiritual, mental and corporal exercises...

On Ash Wednesday we were reminded that without God our life is nothing else but dust and ash.

On First Sunday of Lent He reminded us about His faithfulness to the covenant He made with Abraham and his descendants. It was our turn to utilize properly forty days of Lent to make sure we keep our baptismal vows in full force and remain faithful to the covenant with the Almighty.

On the Second Sunday God gathered us again and told us that without a deep contemplative, spiritual life based on solid prayer, intimate closeness to Jesus in sacraments, we will fail to understand the meaning of Cross and suffering in our lives and will avoid it at all costs, trying to travel on comfortable highway leading to nowhere...

Today He speaks to us about the absolute importance of His sacred day, the sabbath and the sacred place, the Temple, where wants to meet us. The way God explains to us this importance leaves no doubt that this matter is extremely crucial. He speaks in explicit way. We cannot do any kind of work on Lord's Day. Any. Plain and simple. To fulfill the Third Commandment of God fully means three things together - celebrating the praise of God in His Temple, complete rest and avoiding committing sin on this holy day.

He gives us the message. It is up to us to accept it and comply to it fully.

My life must revolve around the Temple of God. My life use be punctuated by the Lord's Day. Six by one. Six days to work, these are ours. The seventh day belongs to God. Period. We have no right nor peer to possess it, to destroy its sacredness, to destroy ourselves as the consequence. It would be pure madness.

Yet, how it is in reality in our lives? What place does the church take in my life? What is the value and the meaning of the Lord's Day to me?

The answers to these questions must come from the self-judgement in full truth. Let's not fool ourselves.

This is the message of the Lord for today as we journey through the spiritual desert till the Resurrection day.

Time to reflect on it, act upon it, implement it. Then we will live fully. As God wants us to live.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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