Friday, March 23, 2012

Home Visitation

It gives me so much consolation to home visit my sick and elderly in the mission, preparing them spiritually and sacramentally for the coming Easter. As I leave in a few days for Poland to be with my Dad, relatives and friends for a few weeks and to see what I can do to help my Dad to live securely and with adequate assistance and help, I wanted to visit my sick and elderly in the parish to make sure they are safe as well and reconnected with Jesus.

It is so consoling to be with them, to talk, to share, to learn their worries, fears and hopes. It is so consoling to learn that they care about me and the parish, they are interested in the development and current issues, as they wish to be living and important part of the parochial community.

Particularly encouraging are their pledges of spiritual and prayerful support. Each and every one of them tells me that they pray for me and for the parish, for the success of my home trip to Poland and for my struggle to make difference in Kiabakari and in the life of the local community.

It comes as a real consolation and a Veronica cloth for me as I become more and more overwhelmed by the sheer load of work at this time, when my old beaten truck gives up on me on almost daily basis and causes a lot of frustration and fear to even use it anymore.

I take my hat off to my sick and elderly in the mission. You are the rock on which we build. Your weakness gives us strength and pushes us forward to overcome the obstacles and move on. Thank you!

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