Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Another Good Measure

The email from Polish embassy in Nairobi is truly Veronica's cloth for my sad face after the theft of my macbook with all files and pictures. It somehow wiped away my sadness and helplessness. It was a very good email informing me that our application for funding of modern equipment for the delivery room in our health center in Kiabakari has been approved by the Polish Foreign Ministry. This means that upon my return from Poland, we will complete the purchase of all items on pro-forma list supplied by my dealer in Dar to the embassy. Thanks be to God! And thanks be also to very helpful staff of Polish embassy in Nairobi, Miss Joanna Popławska in particular. I am so happy for the ladies in Kiabakari who will have deliveries in a modern delivery room, with all important equipment, incubator, machines etc. happy ending to the day which started so horribly wrong.

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  1. So pleased about the good news from the Polish embassy in Nairobi but so sad about the loss of your mac notebook as there are always things on it that are irreplaceable. Life is so hard when vital equipment like this is stolen especially after the really enterprising step of establishing a Board for Kiabakari which is so forward thinking. I just wish you a good flight to Zurich and hope that the joys awaiting you in Poland will compensate for the terrible upset of your property being stolen. With many blessings and prayers Lena