Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Spiritual Powerhouse

Just came back from Bunda. Bishop of Diocese of Bunda asked me a couple of weeeks ago to be a confessor of Dimesse Sisters who live nearby Carmelite monastery, and want to establish themselves in the diocese, providing education from pre-school level to high school (these are plans for now). So, apart from being a confessor to Carmelite Sisters for eleven years now, I have become Dimesse Sisters confessor as well. Not only. Actually, they asked me to give them monthly recollection when I come for confessions. So, this is precisely what happened today. Went to Bunda this morning, gave them spiritual talk, then meditation time, then confessions and the Holy Mass. After the lunch with them I drove to the Carmel for confessions. Later came back home. It is so reassuring when sisters tell me about their prayers for me, Kiabakari, my development plans. They promised to pray for my safe and successful trip home and the search for help. So good to have a spiritual powerhouse behind me, supporting all the way... Praying back for them as well, wherever I will be, in every shrine and holy place in Poland and elsewhere.

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