Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For The Good Measure

Life has struck a right balance this morning, for the good measure of good and bad. A lot of good happened yesterday, so this morning it was the turn of the bad to happen. Woke up to discover that my macbook, left by me last night in the communal area of the house I arrived to, is nowhere to be seen. Apparently, a petty thief (like those who walk around in neighborhoods looking for any opportunity to get hold of a bucket, hanging clothes, a chicken, anything) took his chance at around 5.30 am, forced his entry into the mosquito net swing door of the livng room, locked only by the light latch on the inside by the cook who went to the kitchen to fix early breakfast for residents and sneaked in and grabbed whatever he could put his hands on in a flash and ran away. I pray to St. Anthony and St. Jude Thaddeus for help as - apart from the value of the macbook itself, what is most important are the latest pictures we took this year for various projects, especially in our pre-and primary school. These were not backed up yet by me (my fault apparently) on my time machine external hard disc. Non-recoverable loss if the computer is not returned to me by any means possible. I announced a reward to anyone who returns it to me before I leave. We will see. This is the second time this macbook has been stolen. First, in California in the sacristy of the Catholic church. The second time this morning, at very good friends of mine residence, whom I visited while in Dar. Bad luck indeed.

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