Friday, March 16, 2012

St. Patrick's Day

All my thoughts, my heart and my prayers go out to my wonderful friends in Ireland, Northern Ireland and elsewhere. You know who you are. Celebrating with you, with tons of amazing memories filled with emotions, love and gratitude! Have a fabulous feast day! May St. Patrick guard you wherever you go, and guide you in whatever you do-- and may his loving protection be a blessing to you always.


  1. Greetings to you too dear Wojciech , a missionary with early roots in Drogheda so one of us too.If it was possible I would sent you a shamrock which we will be wearing on St.Patricks. We have the Mass in Irish and then there will be lots of Irish music and dance and some high spirits too! Delighted you had such an important visitor - Dr.Lorenzo Borgese -I am certain he was impressed with all you and your helpers do in Kiabakari and that new avenues will open up for you as a result. Wishing you all the luck of the Irish and joy from the bottom of our hearts. Love from the Daly clan.

  2. Have a wonderful celebrations, dear Lena! I will offer this morning Mass for all of you, Daly clan, Eugene, his family and all friends in Ireland! Enjoy your day!