Monday, February 6, 2012


This Friday we expect the Polish Foreign Ministry, the Department of Development scheme of Polish Aid, to announce which development projects submitted for funding by non-governmental organizations passed positively and will be in fact considered for funding in 2012. My Foundation Kiabakari submitted one project - the onstruction of the center for volunteers. We need it badly. Please, join us in prayers and keep your fingers crossed that the project is accepted for funding. This would mean a lot for future volunteers and specialists coming to Kiabakari - their place to stay and work, area for seminars and workshops, courses and training of local personel and professionals. A completely new era of volunteers' committment in this part of the world.


  1. I really hope you are successful as these funding applications are so complicated and take so much time to complete. I don' think you were paying much attention to the meeting of the association of priests today - brillant way to clear your head by listening to the waves crashing! Superb cottage poster - it is just brillant. - Like yourself. Bye lena

  2. Unfortunately, I did pay attention, there were matters I would not let pass by wihout contributing my opinions. Still, the sound of waves calmed down emotions and heated discussion :)

    Yes, I hope we go through with the project. It would help us solve so many logistics problems... Praying...