Saturday, February 4, 2012

Clean Up

Finished my morning duties - morning confessions and Holy Mass for catechumens, vocational and Holy Childhood groups, then confessions and a Holy Mass in Butiama (the parish priest, Father Maciej is away for a few days, so I've been helping there for the last three days), then a meeting with a preparatory committee for the upcoming popular mission parochial retreat in June (as a spiritual preparation for the bishop's pastoral visit in the first week of July)...

When I returned home, I sat and got ready my pastoral announcements for tomorrow and finalized the spiritual talk text for this evening Holy Mass at Resurrection Sisters' convent for the conclusion of the monthly recollection day.

There were still some two hours before the time to drive to Buturu, so I decided to clean up my blog a little bit. I'm still looking for the design and the layout I would be contended with, so I'm just messing around with it a bit for the time being. Your suggestions on this topic would be very much helpful. How would you like this blog to be? Please, comment on this below this post or send me an email at I'd appreciate your cooperation and kind remarks. Thanks in advance!

Have a blessed and peaceful end of the week and the Lord's Day. God bless us all!

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