Saturday, February 18, 2012

Sunrise In Serengeti

The last day of our safari from Arusha to Kiabakari was in Serengeti National Park. We spent the night at Lobo Wildlife Lodge in the northern part of the Park. I could not sleep after the whole day of trouble with the vehicle and struggle to get my visitors to safety of the lodge. So, after the sleepless night I went out early in the morning to take some pictures of the lodge at the dawn. Check the photos here...


  1. A very tired Wojciech returns from his safari.I think I enjoyed my virtual trip better.Thanks for magnificent photos- as Keats the poet said' Beauty is truth and truth is beauty and that is all you need to know'. I think you will be needing a good rest as there have been so many anxieties and difficulties for you in caring for your visitors' wellbeing and safety that is seems a far cry from a holiday for you! I hope someone will spend time caring for you - you sure deserve it. Love Lena

  2. Well, I do not think about rest at the moment, I still have guests and another group is coming on Ash Wednesday to shoot medical short video. I will wait till the end of March when I fly home to spend Easter with my Dad. Still, I am happy that my friends are ok, enjoying their safari and Kiabakari.