Monday, February 13, 2012


I am very happy to get the opportunity to celebrate the Holy Mass at Polish War Refugees Cemetery at Tengeru, near Arusha, and the to visit the last survivor of the Polish camp at Tengeru, still living in Arusha, Mr. Edward Wójtowicz. Here are some pictures of the day (click here)...


  1. Amazing pictures, Wojciech - how far from their homeland these unfortunate Polish war refugees are laid to rest. So good to be remembered by other Poles like yourself and to meet the last survivor must have been a moving experience. I loved the Safari pictures but what a journey you all had- a lot of patience and good humour needed. Lena

  2. Yes, it is an amazing story. I never stop admiring my fellow countrymen who went through such an ordeal and put their lives for the one of their country. Whenever I visit the camp and the cemetery I have goosebumps...