Wednesday, February 8, 2012


We were supposed to have a deanery meeting today in my place. The whole deanery consists of only four parishes wih four priests in total. All parishes are single, meaning that all four of us live alone. I got a phone call from our dean hat he got an accident on his way to Kiabakari, his steering damper broke lose and he lost control of the steering wheel and hit he ditch. Luckily, he escaped inhurt, the truck needs a major repair though. Thank God he is ok and noone got hurt. Of course, the meeting is called off. Still, this event made me think of ow fragile we are and what a thin line we walk in our lives. Yet, we are held firmy in God's hands who does not allow that we suffer beyond what's necessary in His Providencial plans of salvation. It is so true! It is true also that my friend better look for a new car, if this old 20+ years old truck falls apart on its own. I think I myself need a new reliable vehicle as my truck is as old almost as his!


  1. Thanks be to God that the dean was not injured.With only 4 of you covering miles of territory and ministering to hundreds, you really need to make sure your vehicles are roadworthy so that you will all be safe. It is too risky driving these wrecks -hopefully you will all think about decent trucks as a priority.Of course funding is a problem but maybe some projects have to be put on whole for the sake of the safety of each of you. Lena

  2. I have bad luck in finding money for my new vehicle. Tried for several years and failed. Just gave up now... :(