Friday, February 3, 2012


I wonder to what extent the venerable custom of blessing throats on the feast day of Saint Blaise (February 3) is still observed in our parishes worldwide. In our diocese of Musoma, I think it is mainly us, Polish missionaries, who are still faithful to this wonderful custom and to the popular piety at large... It is a pity that so many pastors have become so imprudent and lighthearted to deny the faithful these great devotions and blessings which surely stir the spirit of the piety, strengthen our faith and make us secure in God's hands...


  1. ah Wojciech the blessing of throats today is alive and well in Ireland.In the Newry Catherdral there were rows of people lined up and everyone really desirous to have the blessing. So thanks to St. Blaise and all our forefathers and foremothers here this very special blessing continues. On Wednesday we had the blessing of St. Brigid's crosses(made from rushes)a very old tradition still much revered, especially in the countryside. Yesterday we had the blessing and distribution of candles so all these religious customs help strengthen our faith. Nice to know that in Kiabakari today you and us were faithful to this devotion. Amazing!
    Slan go lath . lena

  2. We still do it in Montreal! :)

  3. Good for you, guys! I love t hear that. I am such a fan of popular piety and this helps me so much in my personal life and faith. Keep it up!