Monday, February 27, 2012


It's been a challenging, noisy, hectic period of time since Christmas. My whole self longs now for a seclusion, silence, quiet time to enter deeply into the spiritual desert of the sacred time of Lent. There is so much to do on deeper levels, there is so much to talk about with the Merciful One, there is so much to change and improve in my spiritual and daily life. Thank you, Lord, for my friends who visited recently. Thank you also for this time of meditation and inner warfare, which I need so much. May your Holy Spirit lead us deeper and deeper into the spiritual desert of Lent. There is so much to do to restore and reinforce our covenant with God we made on Baptism day. He is always faithful and keeps His promise. It is us who need to mend bridges and repair roads. Otherwise, on Easter Vigil we will utter lies holding our baptismal candles and renewing baptismal vows, while deep in our hearts we will know that our life speaks about something different. God has reminded us last Sunday forcefully about His faithfulness to the covenant He made with us. We have now forty days to make sure we keep our side of the covenant and renew sincerely and publicly our committment on Easter Vigil.

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