Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The House of God

The time has come for the House of God to move ahead in its construction process. Started years back, corner stone laid by the late Bishop Justin Samba back in 2006, shortly before his sudden death, it waited for this moment for some six long years...

Thanks to the friend of mine who wanted to thank God for the gift of his priestly vocation and 25 years of priesthood he celebrated last year - by offering whatever he could for the construction of the church in Africa (as it was his dream from old times), I was able to restart the construction of the remotest outstation in my parish. Beautifully located and biggest church in the entire parish on top of the gentle hill overlooking a rich and fertile valley in Nyakiswa village, leading to the shores of Lake Victoria, which I plan to be one day a parish church of a new Muganza parish (one third of Kiabakari parish will be cut to make way for the new parish in not so distant future, God willing) - has come to the day of the next phase of the construction...

The funds offered by my friend are not enough to finish the job - maybe 50% of what's needed - nevertheless I do not want to wait. We will do whatever we can and then we will hope that the Lord will provide the remaining funds needed to do the complete job.

I started with digging up a hole for the water tank which will collect rain water needed for the plastering and floor works, with ladies of the Nyakiswa village helping with fetched water from creeks and water holes. Then we will repair the roof and refix it a bit as it was done improperly. Then we will build the altar and the sanctuary. The window and door frames and tops are being manufactured in Mwanza as we speak. Hopefully, when I come back from Poland in late May, I will be able to finish the work, so the Bishop can bless the new church on July 7 as planned already.

I will appreciate your kind prayers and help, if possible.

Some pictures from early works:

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