Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Ambiance

Continuing along my today's mood for mental and aesthetic path of sights and sounds, let me turn the spotlight to the largest European country in the world (excluding perhaps the European part of the Russian Federation), which is the Province of Quebec in Canada. Since I arrived here, I still haven't felt as if I arrived to North America. The European ambiance of this province makes me feel as if I am still in Europe. As I am about to move to Ontario in a couple of days, let me share with you the ambiance and the beauty of this part of our world, especially with those of you who have never been to Quebec yet...

So, I went online and found some videos which may help you to get a taste at least of what you should expect coming to Canada, and in particular to the Province of Quebec. I hope you enjoy this virtual experience and the good and advisable desire to come one day to visit this mesmerizing and breathtaking part of the world takes hold of you! I wish you with all my heart that this desire comes true one day, just as mine has come true after how many years of my life and planning to get here? Don't ask!

First of all, the Canadian anthem, then the anthem of Quebec province - to get things started and in proper mood.

The next step I would consider to visit this link on YouTube which will take you to the YouTube channel with 40+ short videos on Quebec history. I wonder if you will be willing to watch all of them as they cover extensively the whole history of this province of Canada, but I guess it is worth watching nevertheless, one by one. Here it is the first video from the full series.

Now, an official video promoting Quebec.


Ok, let's talk about Quebec. its beauty, points of interest and what to do in Quebec and what to expect.

Time to have a closer look at two major cities in Quebec - Montreal and Quebec.

And last, but not least, some still images of Quebec as compiled by those who fell in love, just like me, in this absolutely amazing part of the world. I am infinitely grateful to God and people who made this experience happen! God bless you all! God bless Canada! God bless Quebec!

I am sure by now you are on your way to the nearest travel agent to make quick arrangements for a last minute trip to Quebec. And you are so d..n right to do this!

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