Friday, October 15, 2010

He Will Take Care Of It

He had only a few words for the Assembly: ‘’This is not my work, it is the work of Saint Joseph. Put one of his statues in the middle of the building. If he wants a roof over his head, he’ll take care of it.’’ Two months later, the Congregation had amassed the necessary funds to continue working on the construction.

This is just a tiny excerpt from the amazing story of a miracle worker, a man of an unshakable faith.  Brother Andre of Mount Royal as he came to be known, respected and loved worldwide, showed all of us, through his astonishing yet simple and ordinary life what it really means that there is nothing impossible to God and those who put their unshakable faith and infinite trust in Him.

Here it is. A concise story of his life. Watch it here.

A visible, and how powerfully visible indeed, sign of this faith is St. Joseph Oratory on Mount Royal (Montreal, Canada) initiated and built by Brother Andre. It is the second largest church in the whole world, second to Basilica of St. Peter in the Vatican. Images speak volumes, so have a look at these documentaries:


 You have to be there to appreciated and comprehend in the first place the sheer size of this edifice. It is immense and so diverse in its various areas. i won`y go into details. What I want to share with you is that athough I have been there three times in the past two weeks, I feel as if it is the very first time, the feeling of immense peace encompassing me is astonishing, the feeling of relief, the feeling of hope, the feeling of trust... and the feeling happiness that washes away worries...

I have not the opportunity to participate in the major events in the Basilica itself. My friends in Montreal tell me that this is totally something else. I can only imagine. Maybe next time when I come to Montreal as tomorrow I will be heading early morning to Toronto and will be back on Sunday evening October 24th, so I will miss Sunday Masses in the main church of the Basilica. Too bad.

Just a tiny glimpse of what awaits those lucky ones who participate in Holy Masses or concerts in the Basilica. Check these out.

I have just come back from the oratory. What a miserable weather today! I came back soaked wet as it rains heavily with strong gusts of wind. So many broken umbrellas abandonded by helpless owners, scattered all over the city. Nevertheless, I am very happy and at peace as I spent an ample time in the oratory, praying and lighting candles - signs of my love and care for my beloved ones all over the world. 

This is the last day in Montreal before I leave Quebec and go by train to Toronto and Ontario Province at large for a week. so I wished and felt a need to go to St. Joseph and Brother Andre to wrap up this first part of my Canadian pilgrimage and leave the fruit of these past two weeks in their sure hands. Having done so, I feel relieved and full of hope for the second part of journey in this beautiful country, spent among beautiful people. So much to be grateful for, so many to pray for with love and gratitude, so many intentions already passed on to me by caring people I have met so far in their hope that this lowly worm of God, this missionary from Tanzania, will do something about them. In the spirit of Brother Andre, I go to saint Joseph and surrender them and their intentions to him, knowing very well that he will take care of it.

I will continue to celebrate three days of spiritual preparations and the Sunday canonization of Brother Andre, in spiritual union with thousands of people in Rome and here, in Montreal, as I travel to Toronto. And there with other people I have not met yet personally, but I am sure they are as wonderful as my friends here in Quebec. May Brother Andre protect all of you, my dearest friends in Canada, and share all your worries, joys, petitions and thanksgivings with Saint Joseph of Mount Royal. God bless us all!


  1. I was about to ask you to post something about Bro.Andre, only to find a post already!

    Can't wait to watch the canonization ceremony!

    The humble Bl. Bro Andre; your name will change soon, will change for ever,

    Pray for us

  2. Bonjour Wojciech! I am having a good time journeying around Quebec by you -tube etc. You have enjoyed Montreal and I hope your trip to Ontario is equallly as good. As far as I remember from my Geography class at school there are lovely lakes in Ontario. Of course you are also in many other places - I had heard about 'coltan' on a global education course I did and I was shocked at the real cost of mobile phones in terms of human labour and how easily we discard them for new ones.We are so far removed from all this 'modern slavery'- it is good to be reminded of it.
    Glad you are in Rome 'virtually' to celebrate Bro Andre - I had never heard tell of him before. So many saints are linked to places and nations that one only hears through contacts about the multitude of holy men and women that have gone before us. And of course you have been remembering your great friend Mwalimu - the father of your adopted country - Tanzania. Glad you have had time to visit key shrines and sites and to hear good music as well as meet so many of your fellow Poles. I visited a Polish Art Exhibition held in Newry Arts Centre on Friday so we are growing closer all the time - the'global village' Not to mention the great time we had watching the miners in Chile being rescued - a miracle of life and resurrection.
    Enjoy Ontario. Love from the Daly clan

  3. You are a master of concise summary of my posts, Lena!I love the way you extract the essence of it. It is an amazing ability I envy you!

    Canada is a land of miracles and I have been experiencing them since the very first day I arrived here. In Quebec as well as in Ontario, my prevailing feeling is of an utmost amazement at the hospitality and kindness of people I have met so far. Oh, God bless them much much much!

    The Daly clan is at the nucleus of my prayers and warmest feelings... Take care, guys!