Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fitting Finale

On the very last day of this month of October, I have been invited to celebrate a Holy Mass at the Presentation of Our Lady church in Stockton, where my friend and buddy I have come to visit belongs to and serves at as a church usher on Sundays... How fitting this is to say the last Holy Mass in this month of Rosary at the church of the Presentation of Our Lady...

Surely, the intention, I mean the main intention of the Mass I am about to celebrate there will be the presentation of everything that has happened this month, since the very first day of my arrival to Montreal on October 1, till now. And the thanksgiving basket I am going to present to Our Lady and through Her to the Lord himself is abundant and overflowing - with so many good hearts I have met along the way, so many good deeds I experienced from them, so many new friends, new things, new places, events, decisions that occurred, such a tight schedule I had to go through... It is about time to stand in the presence of Our Lady and place at Her feet this rich basket, so that She may accept it and bring it to Jesus, Her Son, Our Lord of Mercy. 

At the same time I surrender to Our Lady through the special intercession of All Saints and Souls in Purgatory all my friends, people I am going to meet, places I am going to visit, things that are going to happen, everyone and everything. Let the Lord's Will be done in all of us and in everything we think, long for, intend and everything we do.

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