Saturday, October 2, 2010

Too Bad

Upon arriving to Montreal airport, all passengers went through the immigration process. When my turn came to face the officer, he asked me casual questions - who I was, what I did for living, where do I work etc... When I told him I was a missionary from Poland working in Tanzania and visiting my relatives and friends in Canada for the first time in my life, he seemed to be caught a bit off guard, especially when I told him that I met my hosts online and never face to face!

Then he asked me if I had any alcohol or tobacco with me. I said: 'No, I don't smoke and drink these days!' He looked at me with this pitiful look and said: 'Too bad!'...

This look and this statement just made my day when I, chuckling to myself, crossed the border and proceeded to collect my checked luggage...Apparently, some nice and funny people were inhabitating this part of the New World!

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