Friday, November 5, 2010

Close Encounter

My host took me for a ride to San Diego, CA. We visited one of his confreres down there, Fr. Jerzy, who was living in a trailer for a couple of years commuting to church 20-30 minutes every day by car, before establishing his permanent house near the tiny parochial church of St. Maximilian Maria Kolbe and rebuilding and redecorating it. Truly an amazing story of a man of a relentless resolve who, despite so many setbacks and people indifference and/or bad will, never gave up an stayed at this post as the faithful pastor...

He took us for a quick lunch and the tour of San Diego and its harbor. There she was...sitting in her majesty at the pier. USS Midway aircraft carrier, though an old aircraft carrier and off duty, nevertheless, she was THE aircraft carrier I have always wanted to see. And today I saw her. All those plans to become a chaplain on one of those aircraft carriers back then in 2000-2001 when I wanted to go on sabbatical year and apply for a job as an aircraft carrier chaplain, came back to me with full force. Anyway, times have changed, this dream will never come true anymore, so today it was as close as I will ever get to the aircraft carrier, and I was still very happy to witness to the sheer size and complicated structure of this mean machine...

Tomorrow I will see another piece of machinery I always wanted to get in touch with - an Amtrak train. And going cross country on board of one of those... Two days of sheer beauty and adventure through the country from LA to Chicago. I'm looking forward to this new experience. It will be a rewarding time, especially after so much distress caused by my stolen documents.

Thank you, oh Lord, for the beautiful day today and close encounters with a man of God who I admire and respect so much, and with that marvel of human genius which is an aircraft carrier!

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