Friday, November 5, 2010

From West To East

Time to move on. It has been a wonderful time here in Los Angeles with caring and welcoming Fr. Rafal, sisters and the Polish community around the only Polish parish in the City of Los Angeles - Our Lady of Bright Mount. I simply cannot visualize what would happen if I had not know Fr. Rafal before I got my documents and money stolen in Stockton...It is just beyond my comprehension. Where would I go to seek help and shelter? With no IDs and no money! I needed to get to LA to get my stolen passport replaced at Polish Consulate in Los Angeles, but upon arrival to LA where I would go and stay with? How would I move around? How would I get to Polish Consulate? These are the questions I cannot find suitable answers till now...

Thank God for Father Rafal! And his welcoming parish... Now it is time to move on - from West to East, from LA to Chicago by Amtrak Southwestern Chief train #4. I'm looking forward to this experience as I always wanted to do this once in my lifetime, which is the second best to actual driving a car cross country by myself, which is beyond my financial means by far... So, I take what I get and what's possible. With joy and gratitude... Check this video clip on what I should expect starting from 6.15pm this evening...

God willing, I will arrive to Chicago on Sunday afternoon, hoping that the weather will stay clement and the views outside of the window will be spectacular (some nice photos will prove it, I hope)...

So, thank you, guys, in Northern and Southern California. What a wonderful, though short, time it has been! San Francisco, Stockton, Greyhound trip down to LA, Our Lady of Bright Mount right here, LA itself, driving here in there, yesterday with Fr. Jerzy down in San Diego, great weather and high temps... A place to be! The unpleasant thing on Sunday will not diminish my appreciation and admiration for this part of the world and its great people! God bless you much!


  1. Pole sana Fr lakini tumshukuru Mungu kwa kila jambo.
    I will offer a decade of rosary for you.